Louise Campbell 104sc

Louise Campbell

Louise Campbell wears many hats, from clarinettist to conductor, community arts facilitator to musicians’ health therapist. As a performer, improviser and composer, Louise seeks to interrogate and renew the ways in which we make music by creating new works with everyone, regardless of age, ability, level of prior experience, or training. Whether acoustic, or electronically augmented, Louise is constantly testing the capabilities of her instrument and herself. Her specializations include participatory creative music, improvised conducting, cross-disciplinary creation and collaborative processes. She has toured as a performer, guest artist, and lecturer of improvised and composed musics across Canada, the US, France, Germany, and Brazil.

As a Participatory Arts facilitator, Campbell guides the creative process through experiential learning in-person and on-line so that participants create and understand through doing. She specializes in music creation with untrained musicians (aka amateurs) of all ages and abilities, including with elementary and secondary school students with ELAN's own ArtistsInspire, Artist in Schools (Culture in Schools), disadvantaged youth (OSM, Culture pour tous), young adults with disabilities (CARE Centre, Innovation en concert, Bradyworks) and with adult and older adult amateurs with little to no experience in music making (Vanier College, Mount Royal University, seniors and community centres across Canada). Louise is the Project Leader for the Canadian New Music Network's Participatory Creative Music Hub.