Marjolayne Auger 30sc

Marjolayne Auger

Marjolayne is a creator and performer who uses storytelling to empower people's lives by inviting them into a passionate and playful universe. A multidisciplinary artist, her practice is deeply rooted in movement and play.


Since her return to Quebec, she has reinvested herself in the teaching of contemporary dance, tango and theater with the intention of promoting empowerment through her pedagogy of the live arts. For the past two years, she has focused on clients with ASD and the development of new artistic projects.


Her artistic interests focus on the horizontal integration of new media into the performing arts.


Grant holder of Young Volunteers, Oqaj, RQD, PowerHouse, Calq, her work has been presented, among others, at Cenart (Mexico), at the Venice Biennale and at Rocca Sinibalda (Italy), at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, at the New York Fringe festival, at the White Wave Festival, at the GreenSpace Festivals, (NYC) at the Karma Drama theater in Istanbul (Turkey) at the Puppet theater in Yerevan (Armenia) and at the Locarno and Dimitri theaters (Switzerland).


One of her greatest accomplishments is having coached the lead actress of the film Yeva, Narine Grigoryan, nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars (2018).


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