Ander Gates 30sc

Ander Gates

Ander Gates is a clown and drag queen based in Montreal. Ander performs under two artist names: Dot Dot Dot, and Meander. For the past seven years, he has been organising and performing in the queer cabaret & drag scene. His performances are colouful, playful, and fashion-filled explorations of gender, sexuality, self-actualization, and nuture. Ander’s performances draw upon his clown and dance training, blended with drag and burlesque aesthetics and traditions.

Ander is particularly passionate about clowning. He has trained with many clown teachers, particularly in Pichincho tradition taught by David MacMurrey Smith and John Turner. In Montreal, he was part of the organising team & Board of Directors of the Montreal Clown Festival for several years. He has also been organising clown jams for many years, and recently began teaching beginner clown classes.

Ander is known for his performances in several collaborative theatre productions in the Montreal Fringe Festival. Performing as Dot Dot Dot, he performed in three House of Laureen productions, and he played the beloved Twinkerbell in Peter Pansexual produced by Glam Gam. In 2019 Ander presented his first solo clown show (‘Fairy Fails’) in the Montreal Fringe Festival, winning the Clown Festival Award / Fankie.

Recently, Ander has been creating video performances. He is currently excited about teaching Clown Classes, Sassy Dance Classes, and Drag Workshops. Additionally, he has also been training in communication tools, restorative circles (care of conflict), and Somatic Sex Education, and is looking forward to exploring how to bring all of his passions together.