Quinten Sheriff 94sc

Quinten Sheriff

A global citizen who has lived in 6 countries (Zimbabwe, South Africa, China, Thailand, Peru and now Canada,) and exhibited in each one, my life has been dedicated to sharing the arts wherever I find myself. Career achievements include being selected as the only foreign artist for a government-sponsored exhibition in Lima, being selected by D.A.M. for inclusion in TicArtToc, the 9th edition of their magazine, as well as an exhibition in the Sheraton hotel in Tianjin, China. From teaching music in Africa, to creating public murals in Lima, to raising funds and building an arts library for an underprivileged school in Huaraz, I have always been involved in the wider arts community. I believe that we can improve people’s lives and social mobility through self-expression and training in the arts. This has happened for me, through my music and art and I look forward to working in Montreal to encourage and support other artists to do the same.

Working as a music teacher allowed me to plan and coordinate both solo and group exhibitions in Harare, Zimbabwe; Tianjin, PRC; Chiang Mai, Thailand; Lima, Peru and Montreal, Canada