Pauline Tidbury 74sc

Pauline Tidbury

Pauline is a violinist, singer, and composer.

Forming with Daniel St-Jean the singer-songwriter duo, ANTIDOTE DUO; together they have shown remarkable musical creativity and vitality for over two decades. In addition to performing, the duo has independently released six CD's (Continuum, 2020, Rewind, 2020, Nomadic Landscapes, 2018, Just Like Birds, 2014, Cyclic Lament, 2007 and Together, 2002) and received recording awards from FACTOR, MUSICACTION and C.A.P.A.C.

Tender vocals and bold, vigorous strings by Pauline are complimented by a masterful and exotic accompaniment from Daniel on diverse instruments.  Defying genre classification, they have taken contemporary folk and spiced it up with character and flavorful global rhythms.  An unconventional and intriguing musical tapestry is woven by the use of traditional instruments played in daring ways.

Besides her duo, ANTIDOTE, Pauline is a member of the chamber music group, CORDÉLIA, and regularly collaborates with multi-media artists; lending her accompanying and composing talents.