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Purna Bhattacharya

Purna Bhattacharya is an Indo-Canadian producer, songwriter, musician, artist (pop, rock, acoustic, folk, country, and some electronic) and artist development mentor based in Montreal, Canada. She uses art as a way to create awareness, open public dialogue and create work opportunities for various communities of those who deserve equal rights. This includes women and girls, LGBT, and the deaf/mute who use ASL/QSL to communicate. She encourages ethnic diversity, representing her own background using India’s national animal, the peacock, in her logo.

With 10 years of experience in the music industry and in business, Purna has taught at both Concordia University and Carleton University, managed and collaborated on various audio/video productions, and has initiated songwriting projects. She has shared valuable information and knowledge as an artist development mentor about branding, marketing, songwriting, and production to help artists advance their careers.

Purna holds a Masters Degree in Musicology, and Certificates in Teaching Assistance, as well as Music and Creativity. She has had opportunities to learn from industry recognized names across Canada and the U.S.A.

Currently, Purna is focused on creating a demo album to showcase her songwriting and production skills, developing workshops on creativity, business and equality, providing artist development mentorship, and representing Forestare as their International booking manager (outside Quebec).