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Rayana Speede

Rayana Speede is a vocalist, songwriter and poet from Montreal, Quebec. Growing up in a musical family she started singing and performing at 6 years old while writing poetry around 10 years old to express her emotions. Being a self-taught artist has allowed her to own her unique sound. In the field of spoken word she mixes both of her artistic abilities to deliver pieces that are part vocalizing and spoken word. After being selected by the UP Next studio for a 6 week artist residency in 2016, Rayana Speede created the EP ‘Love’s Aftertaste’ under the mentorship of Butta Beats and Lou Piensa from Nomadic Massive. In 2016, she was featured on CBC’s daybreak as a poet, won a $1,000 competition called ‘Monnaie Money’ in 2017, a scholarship to Jam Vocal performance school in 2017, and was awarded spoken word artist of the year in 2018 by ‘Heart of Gold’ awards. This artist’s current pursuits include recording her next EP called ‘Everlasting’ which is accompanied by a poetry book that further expresses the theme of the project.  


Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/rayanaspeede/


Bandcamp:  https://rayanaspeede.bandcamp.com/releases