Ronnie LeBlanc 25sc

Ronnie LeBlanc

Lead Singer & Songwriter of An Acoustic Sin... My experiences include 25 years of songwriting, touring, playing music, singing, recording, producing, photography, video and audio production & editing. I am best known as the leader and founder of my band "An Acoustic Sin". I have produced & co-produced many albums. In my career I have sold over 30,000 + albums independently. I have had many number #1 singles on independent, university/college campus radio and major radio stations across Canada, the US and Europe. My band An Acoustic Sin holds an East Coast Music award for the “Best Alternative Band" of 2001. I have played on numerous national & international Television shows and have been featured on Music Plus (Much Music). I have shared the stage with numerous artists such as, The Tea Party, CCR, April Wine, Kim Stockwood, Nathalie McMasters, Gordie Sampson, Bruce Guthro, Julian Austin, Paul Stanley (KISS) and many more. I have toured Canada and Europe and have over 3000 shows under my belt. In 2018 I produced & released two new albums. One with my band “An Acoustic Sin and One Solo album. I eat breath and bleed music. I will never stop! Music Cures & HEALS All.

School Projects & Services:
I have been a singer/songwriter/Performer/Audio & Video Producer for over 30 years. What makes me unique is that I have fine tuned my songwriting techniques to make it faster to teach younger adults & children how to write songs. I have developed a way to deliver the teachings of songwriting to even those who may not have any talent in music. My deliverance leaves no student behind and I am certain I can make each person feel a part of the process. My goal is to create the future songwriters.
I offer a songwriting/music video workshop that will not only inspire future writers & musicians, but also gives the students a chance to express their personal and worldly concerns through writing lyrics from their own thoughts and then putting the words to a melody and witnessing a song being born. At the end of the project each student involved will have a copy of the finished song and a video for the song that reflects the thoughts within the lyric or topic of the song and scenes of the students performing the song. I show the students ways of writing lyrics and how to structure a song. I will also work with all of the musicians who may play musical instruments to teach them how to trust themselves and find melodies to complete the marriage between the lyrics and music for the song. The gift of music will also help them gain confidence and help them explore their creative artistic side. My deliverance leaves no student behind and I am certain I can make each person feel part of it!