Salima Punjani 104sc

Salima Punjani

Salima is a social artist and storyteller based in Montreal, Canada with an insatiable wanderlust and sense of curiosity that keeps her roaming around the world.

Recently dubbed a Renconteuse by the Mile End Fairy in Montreal, Salima is hoping to concentrate her career on building participatory media projects that blend together social art and journalism.

Salima is currently focussing on creating dignified stories about people making meaningful change. She recently completed her first feature-length interactive film Konbit Anba Soley. It is a body of transmedia work on citizen-led initiatives in Haiti, particularly, Konbit Soley Leve, a non-hierarchical social movement that promotes Haitian solutions to Haitian challenges.

Salima is also working on a project exploring invisible disability, intersecting arts and health as well as a multicultural cookbook starring Moms of Montreal (M.O.M) photographed by their children. This project hopes to create a sense of connection through the senses - taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing stories.