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Wendy Boode

"There's beauty in everything, just not everyone sees it" Andy Warhol

Wendy E. Boode is a Canadian-Dutch multi-disciplinary artist who works in sculpture, jewelry design, and painting. Fashion design, miniatures, and blogging, along with facilitating Yoga Nidra meditation and art workshops are other areas of her expertise.

A serial entrepreneur from Montreal, Boode has led several ventures, including building a successful graphics and print apparel business and creating an art restoration studio in the last 25 yrs. Business and art are inextricably linked to her.

Boode loves the mentor and mentee relationship utilizing artistic collaborations as an opportunity for learning. Boode actively invites artists to collaborate on group exhibitions and installations. 

As a life long learner and self-taught artist, Boode studied Creative Arts at Dawson College and continued her education in Montreal, at the Visual Arts Center of Westmount, The National Theatre School of Canada, and The Montreal Gem & Mineral Club among others. She credits learning a variety of techniques by way of several apprenticeships with masters in art restoration, painting, and silversmithing.

Boode's work is intuitive art that comes from experiencing profound beauty and expressing it through an artistic medium. She describes her role in the process “as becoming a tool through which source energy flows and manifests in unique ways.” Using a multitude of mediums, she crafts tiny, intricate worlds that fit in the palm of your hand. 

Her work elicits awe and wonder, uplifting the spirit and inspiring the viewer to look within themselves and question their ideas of what makes art beautiful. She is herself enamored of the exquisite delicateness of things like tiny animal bones, which she incorporates into her art, working on a very small scale, sometimes on canvasses only 1-inch (2.2cm)  square.

Her influences include the stop-motion films of Tim Burton, the visionary art of Alex Grey, and the teachings of Adyashanti and Leo Gura. She sees nature as the most profound source of inspiration and her philosophy is that there is beauty in everything if we dare to expand our idea of what we think that is.

Spiritual awakening fuels her passions and is a theme that recurs in Boode’s work. Ancient and Alchemical symbols, uplifting affirmations, and psychedelic visionary imagery are used as a graphic reminder of her higher purpose. Creating art is part of her Sadhana (daily spiritual practice) and is her way to stay tethered to the divine source. Her unabashed use of bright colors brings life and energy to her paintings. Through her work Boode aims to raise consciousness and challenge the notions of what beauty means to the viewer.








Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/boodeful65/