What if? - the Musical

‘A masterful tour de force’ – Québec Chronicle Telegraph
Have you ever wondered what goes on inside a creator's mind? What if? follows the creative process of a young artist (David) who is determined to write an award winning musical. Struggling with the hardships of marriage, David starts to challenge the happy ending of every character within his play, each one inextricably linked to his own love story. What if... he had to choose between himself and what he is willing to lose in order to finally win?
“What if? – The musical” boasts 27 original songs that will fill your ears and your heart with beautiful melody and harmony from start to finish.
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KARA: Tricia Arden Caldwell
DAVID: J.P. Chartier
ANGEL: Anne Payer
MARSHAL: François Joseph Bélanger
SERENA: Geneviève Boudreau
MICHAEL: Julian Dawson
JACQUES/LUCAS/HOWARD: Liam Patrick Maddock
DAMIEN: Patrice Louison
RACHEL/SISTER: Vanessa Bergeron
MIRA: Cassandra Lindsay Allard
JILL: Zita Bombardier-Touret
EVE: Audree-Eve Turcotte Savard
ERIC: Dominic Cardinal
SYLVIE: Maud Thenon-Richard
Musical arrangements: Jean-Philippe Côté
Choreographer: Zita Bombardier-Touret
Musical Director: Frédérick Desroches
Stage Director: Philippe Girard
Stage Manager: Judy Carruth
April 26, 2019 at 8:00pm - 11pm
Salle Multi du Complexe Méduse
591 Rue Saint-Vallier E
Québec, QC G1K 3P9
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Bravi Productions · · 581-998-6111
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